Uncut Wrap for Handgun


  • 5150 Midnight Camo
  • 5150 Mint Forest
  • 5150 Pink Forest
  • 5150 Purple Forest
  • 5150 Teal Camo
  • 5150 Zomie Forest
  • American Flag
  • Black Digital Camo
  • Black Solid
  • Blue Digital Camo
  • Blue Solid
  • Cheetah Print
  • Chicks and Money
  • Dark Purple Digital Camo
  • Dark Purple Solid
  • Desert Digital Camo
  • Desert Solid
  • Faded Gray Flag
  • Flower Skulls
  • Gray Skulls
  • Green Digital Camo
  • Green Solid
  • Grey Camo
  • Jokers Wild
  • Lime Digital Camo
  • Lime Solid
  • Navy Blue Digital Camo
  • Oak Camo
  • Orange Digital Camo
  • Pink and Black Digital Camo
  • Pink and Black Zebra
  • Pink Camo - Large
  • Pink Digital Camo
  • Pink Snake Skin
  • Pink Solid
  • Pink/Teal Ombre
  • Purple Camo - Large
  • Purple Digital Camo
  • Purple Solid
  • Rebel Flag
  • Red Digital Camo
  • Skulls and Faces
  • Skulls with Red Eyes
  • Standard Issue Digital Camo
  • Sugar Skulls
  • Teal and Black Camo
  • Teal Leopard
  • Thin Blue Line Flag
  • Tiffany Digital Camo
  • Tiffany Solid
  • Urban Grey Camo
  • Vintage Flag 1

Uncut Wrap for Handgun

The uncut wrap comes with three piece of wrap material. One piece for the slide and one piece for each side of the frame. The design flows from one side over the top of the slide to the other side. The uncut wrap can be customized by you with a little time and patience. 

NOTE: The pictures are to show the designs available but do not reflect the finished product. 

Wrap material sizes: Slide 8″ long x 2 3/4″ wide. Frame 8″ long x 4 1/2″ wide (2 pieces)

This wrap is made starting with a high quality vinyl which is then printed with your design and laminated with a clear matte laminate for added protection. The wrap is not permanent and can be removed at any time. The wrap will help protect your gun from everyday wear while giving it your own style. The wrap does not interfere with any operations of the pistol.

To apply: Prepare gun by cleaning the surface with a solvent like denatured alcohol to remove any residue. Then simply position the vinyl to sides and slide. When you are happy with the placement use a hairdryer to heat a section at a time and rub gently to secure. (See detailed step by step installation instructions)

Custom designs are also available. Add a picture of your kids, family or pets. Represent your branch of the military. Have a favorite color we will work with you to get the design you want.

Please Note: Color may differ slightly from photos due to different monitor settings.

Wholesale orders welcomed. Please contact us at support@5150Vegas.com or call 702-490-5150 for more details.

Additional information

Weight2 oz
Dimensions9 × 6 × 0.125 in
Wrap Designs

5150 Midnight Camo, 5150 Mint Forest, 5150 Pink Forest, 5150 Purple Forest, 5150 Teal Camo, 5150 Zomie Forest, American Flag, Black Digital Camo, Black Solid, Blue Digital Camo, Blue Solid, Cheetah Print, Chicks and Money, Dark Purple Digital Camo, Dark Purple Solid, Desert Digital Camo, Desert Solid, Faded Gray Flag, Flower Skulls, Gray Skulls, Green Digital Camo, Green Solid, Grey Camo, Jokers Wild, Lime Digital Camo, Lime Solid, Navy Blue Digital Camo, Oak Camo, Orange Digital Camo, Pink and Black Digital Camo, Pink and Black Zebra, Pink Camo – Large, Pink Digital Camo, Pink Snake Skin, Pink Solid, Pink/Teal Ombre, Purple Camo – Large, Purple Digital Camo, Purple Solid, Rebel Flag, Red Digital Camo, Skulls and Faces, Skulls with Red Eyes, Standard Issue Digital Camo, Sugar Skulls, Teal and Black Camo, Teal Leopard, Thin Blue Line Flag, Tiffany Digital Camo, Tiffany Solid, Urban Grey Camo, Vintage Flag 1


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