Hey Dumb Ass – It’s Lack of Parenting – Not Guns Decal

Measures approximately 8 Inches Wide X 3 Inches Tall

Can be added to windows, ammo cans, gun case. Pretty much any hard smooth surface. 

High Quality Printed on IJ35 3M™ Controltac™ Air release Vinyl with an over laminate finish. (car wrap material) What this means is it will last 6-7 years and it is easy to put on, not some cheep vinyl that will peel,crack or fall off.


Peel and Stick.

The 5150 VEGAS WILL NOT be on the one you receive.

No bubbles and if you decide to remove it & no glue will stay on the area you put it on .

If you would like a smaller or larger size Let me know I can make one any size you like and will list it for you.

Additional information

Weight0.2 oz
Dimensions5 × 3 × 1 in


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