We get asked a lot how hard it is to apply our wraps. The answer is super simple. We have taken pecice measurements of each specific gun model and made a template with the cuts needed to give the wrap the best stick without interfering with the functionality and grip. What does that mean for you? Clean, peel, stick and heat. 

You want to clean the surface very well to remove any oil and dirt residue. Isopropyl alcohol does a great job. Then carefully peel the wrap from the paper backing. Place the wrap on your gun using only a light touch to hold it in place. Once you are happy with the placement apply firm pressure from the center out and make sure you don’t have any wrinkles. Use a hairdryer to heat the wrap a section at a time and rub it down good. The heat helps activate the adhesive and helps the wrap conform to the curves of your gun. 

To see detailed steps and a short video here is a link for you

Gun Wrap Installation

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